Thoughts on Supportability of 3.5.Config

May 29, 2009 at 2:08 AM

I'm looking at providing AJAX and maybe WCF (but probably not silverlight) in SharePoint.  It appears that I should use the 3.5.Config feature and not the AJAX.Config feature, but let me know if you disagree...

My main question is on supportability.  Is this a generally supported configuration for SharePoint?

I've seen the Jan Tielens' blog on enabling .NET 3.5 in SharePoint 2007 site, the lazy way:  Using this approach seems like you are really flipping a switch for the web application (web site) whereas the 3.5.Config feature just makes a bunch of changes to the web.config and does it in a deployable fashion.  Maybe there is really no difference between the two in what changes are made?

What are some arguments that can be made if a client does not want to allow these changes to be made in their SharePoint environment?